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More freedom in working life: your reliable background support.

Your virtual administrative support

Virtual assistance – what is this?

Considering increasing administrative outlay in all working areas, virtual assistance is becoming more and more popular. In contrast to a full-time office worker or secretary, a virtual assistant carries out secretarial and administrative tasks on a freelance basis and usually works from home.

The advantage for your company: You gain flexible, cost-efficient labour for assistant duties and can focus fully on your core business.

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Thanks to my extensive experience of different institutions and companies, I can offer you a comprehensive portfolio of professional assistant services.

Fair & transparent

I offer fair and transparent conditions for both parties. Individual arrangements are also possible at any given time.
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My range of services

Back office

  • Assistance with scheduling appointments
  • organising business trips
  • Travel expense claims
  • Data entry and administration
  • Transcriptions
  • Certified translations from English and French into German
  • Dealing with business correspondence on your behalf
  • Assistance with filling out forms
  • Handling verbal and written correspondence with public authorities, landlords, nurseries, schools
    (Face-to-face assistance possible in Bonn)
  • Visa application support
  • Purchasing and communication with suppliers
  • Support with establishing service agreements
  • Administrative assistance with proposals, projects and clinical studies
  • Assistance with organising meetings
  • Administrative coordination of publishing processes


  • Preliminary accounting
  • Budget and project planning, as well as cooperation with financial reporting
  • Monitoring and managing budgetary resources, third-party funds and cost centres
  • Support in ensuring occupational safety in offices
  • Induction and support of new employees (onboarding)
  • Supporting HR tasks 
Online Sekretariat Telefonservice
Assistenten Telefon

Customer service

  • Preparing quotes and processing orders
  • Phone services (answering calls, scheduling appointments)
  • Assisting and advising customers, administration of customer master data
  • Client presentations 

How much does a virtual assistant cost?

Prices for virtual administrative support work are generally calculated on an hourly basis. Costs depend on the nature and scope of tasks. Following a free initial discussion, I will gladly also prepare a quote for an hourly package.

How does collaboration with my virtual administrative support work?

First of all, I will invite you to schedule a free appointment to discuss the nature and scope of the work, as well as clarifying requirements and expectations. I will be happy to also prepare a written quote upon request. Should you place an order, we will settle our contractual collaboration (T&Cs and data protection) and agree on communication channels and any further meetings.

What is important for a good and efficient collaboration?

Depending on the nature and scope of the work, it is worthwhile factoring in time for an introduction to work processes and systems. Responsibilities should be clearly defined. Please also bear in mind that regular feedback is for your own benefit, as this is the only way to obtain the desired results.

What are the benefits of a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistance or administrative support covers for you and gives you time for your core business. This is a particular advantage for small companies or independent contractors who may not need a physical office presence or be able to afford a full-time assistant. Virtual assistance can also provide useful support for permanently employed assistants and secretaries, e.g. during holidays or periods with a particularly heavy workload.

An overview of the benefits

Cost savings

As a freelancer, a virtual assistant can usually be hired at a fraction of the cost of a full-time assistant. No costs are incurred for the workplace, working equipment, welfare benefits and taxes .


A virtual assistant works on an on-call basis as required, therefore they are only paid when their services are actually needed. Since they work from home, they can be based in a different city.

Time savings and increased productivity

A virtual assistant can take care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks as required, allowing the contractor to focus on more important matters. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Covering personnel shortages

Be it due to a skills shortage, replacement for maternity leave or upcoming retirement, sometimes it can take a while to find the right new employee. Virtual assistance provides a quick, straightforward solution to cover shortages.

Greater employee satisfaction

A virtual assistant can work alongside the team already in place and ensure a more efficient workflow. This lightens the workload of the full-time assistant and gives employees another point of contact for performing administrative tasks. This leads to greater team satisfaction and reduces time pressure and extra hours.

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your company by working with a virtual assistant!

When and how is billing and payment carried out?

Payment is made via invoice, which will be calculated on an hourly basis (billed in 15-minute intervals) along with an exact timesheet. Payment is due 7 days after receipt of the invoice. If you place regular orders, you will receive a monthly invoice or following completion of the job. For agreed hourly packages and new clients, a pre-payment of 50% is due when an order is placed.

What tools do you need for our collaboration?

You do not need any special tools. If necessary, you can integrate me into your workflow by granting me access. I work with Windows 10 and the usual MS Office software. Communication can be via MS Teams and Skype. I handle preliminary accounting in Lexoffice and use KeePassXC to protect your passwords.

How secure is my data?

Your data will be processed in accordance with GDPR standards. In order to protect your personal data, I will also ensure in a corresponding declaration that suitable technical and organisational measures (TOM) are taken to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.

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